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Friday, June 10, 2011

Power Breakfast in True Vegetarian Style

Nothing like a powerhouse breakfast to jumpstart your wonderful vegetarian life. But if you are way too busy to whip up something very early in the morning, here are a few breakfast quick fixes to tide you over:

  1. If you are like most people I know who is always on the go, you might as well keep a stash of ready-to-eat breakfast staples in your pantry, so you can easily grab them and place them in your lunchbox or backpack in the morning.

  2. Make a list of these breakfast essentials so you won’t miss out anything the next time you go to the grocers. Add yogurt, whole-grain unsweetened cereals and bagels, and eggs to this list.

  3. If you are really pressed for time, you might toss in a couple of your breakfast must-haves in your bag bring them to work: a piece of bagel and your jar of peanut butter, a tub of yogurt, a hard-boiled egg and some fruit.

  4. You can easily grab a piece of banana or any of your favorite fruit for a very healthy and filling breakfast

  5. If you have a few minutes to spare you can toss these items in a blender and combine until smooth, makes for a great early-morning pick-me-up:

    • A pack of tofu, the soft variety

    • A cup of frozen orange juice concentrate

    • A piece of ripe banana1

    • ½ cups of water

  6. Why not try cooking your whole grains, like amaranth or millet. You can mix them with maple syrup and cinnamon for one interesting breakfast. Leftovers can also double as a great dessert come lunch time.

  7. A stick of celery or a piece of carrot can also make for one delicious and healthy breakfast. You might want to keep it interesting by dipping your celery in some peanut butter or eating your carrot with your favorite yogurt flavor.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Raising a Vegetarian Kid

If you’ve been a vegetarian for the longest time, of course there will come a time that you might want your child to embrace the vegetarian life, too. But if it is quite simple teaching a grown up to give up his meaty ways, it could be a lot harder to do the same for children. They could be picky eaters for starters, and they require particular elements in their food to aid in their proper nutrition and development.

Here are a few pointers to remember to make your child’s transition a walk in the veggie patch:

  1. Serve your children’s favorite veggies and fruits, like potatoes, corn, apples and oranges often and don’t forget to combine them with new ones. This is a good way of instilling in them that veggies are essential parts of their regular daily diet

  2. Entice your kids to eat pasta by using pastas which made of bright colors (like the ones made from brown rice and artichoke) and interesting shapes like shells, elbow macaroni and spirals. Alphabet pasta is also a common hit amongst youngsters.

  3. Give them calcium-fortified soymilk to ensure they are getting enough calcium without consuming dairy products.

  4. Adding a slice of avocado to his sandwich or a dollop of seed butter on his veggies sticks can be one good way to ensure he is getting enough calories he needed for his rapid development

  5. Children normally has sweet tooth and to satisfy that naturally, serve him ripe bananas, dried fruits and sweet potatoes.

  6. Add a small amount of tofu into your child’s shakes and dips to increase his protein intake.

  7. It pays to be informed so make sure you research and read enough about vegetarian kids to learn about specific nutritional needs of children. You might also want to check out children veggie books, while you’re at it, to teach your child a thing or two about being vegetarian.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Vegetarian Weight Loss

Living life eating meat is a challenge when you give it up to switch to a vegetarian life. Adapting to the new lifestyle is only one factor in coping with the transition; dealing with family members, friends or colleagues who are not vegetarians is another thing. First, make sure to get proper information and take into consideration all the issues that surround a vegetarian diet before you embark in a life long journey as vegetarians. Though it would be tough at the beginning and just like with the rest, it needs patience and determination if you want to succeed.

It is a fact that the health supplement industry is getting rich as time passes by because of the obesity epidemic factor. That is also connected to the increasing incidence of health related illness that prompts healthy conscious individuals to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle. There are numerous benefits that you can get from being a vegetarian: weight loss, living a healthy life, and having more energy. However, some experts believe that switching to a vegetarian diet does not guarantee weight loss because there’s a tendency that you can make poor food choices that can possibly lead to gaining weight. So, before you fix your sight into it, you should carefully make a calculated plan if you would want to follow a vegetarian diet.

A Vegetarian diet is rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and low in cholesterol. Yet, one drawback though is, it is often regarded as being deficient in proteins and minerals but this can be offset with an effective advance planning. The trick to losing weight with vegetarian diet is the careful planning of the food that you are going to replace with meat so you won’t lack in protein. Do not discount also experts’ proper guidance in achieving and maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I Heart My Vegetarian Life

I absolutely love my vegetarian life, now I am not saying that just because, here, let me count the ways:

  • I feel good about myself doing something worthwhile and healthy. I also feel lighter with a few pounds and a few inches off my body

  • My vegetarian life immensely benefits my health by my consumption of healthy food alternatives like fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds which are all rich in vitamins and minerals, and are also great anti-oxidants

  • I am glad that I am also doing my skin a great favor by shying away from meat which can promote untimely skin aging and skin diseases.

  • My meat-less diet is giving my heart a break from fatty foods that could clog my veins and arteries that promotes heart ailments

  • It also has also great benefits to the environment since I am now adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, making a big dent on poultry and cattle farming industries and hopefully would put an end to world hunger someday soon

  • It allows me to indulge in my all-time favorite meals with faux meat and vegan-alternative recipes for cakes, puddings, chocolates and even meat-based food while giving up meat, dairy products and its by-products entirely

  • A vegan diet gives my body all that it needs to function well, in a healthier way

  • I can really do without using or wearing animal derived clothing and products

  • I simply love tofu and how versatile it is. This wonder food is very high in protein and is great for weight loss too is now my daily food staple.

Just so I can show how this great this new lifestyle is, your next meal is on me, let’s go to my favorite country life vegetarian restaurant and I will introduce you to my wonderful life + shall show you the ways.


Friday, February 25, 2011

This Organic Life

Here are surefire ways to begin going organic:

  1. Turn green and adopt a vegetarian life. Probably the best way to begin your organic-living journey is to turn vegetarian. Not only would you be healthy in doing so, but you’re contributing to sustainable living in your own way.

  2. Lessen your carbon footprint by using hybrid car which are very environment friendly. If this is not possible, you can take mass transportation like bus and train instead. More so, you can also carpool with your family and friends, that way you save on gas + fuel.

  3. Use organic cleaning products as much as you can to lessen, if not totally eliminate, your exposure (including your clothes and kitchen utensils) to harmful chemicals.

  4. Start your own organic farm in the backyard. You do not necessarily need big pieces of land to achieve this, in fact you can start with planting herbs on recycled milk cartons and place them on your window sill. So the next time you’ll be needing basil for your salads or thyme for your dishes you need only to reach into your window and voila!

  5. Find local source for all your groceries and other needs. This way you help save on gas and the energy required transporting goods + services to you.

  6. Blog about your lifestyle. Use technology to your advantage to educate, inspire, enlighten, and hopefully, convert other people into your kind of lifestyle.

  7. Give gifts to people you know to encourage them to live an organic lifestyle. Nowadays, you can find an organic alternative to just about any product out in the market, like clothing, food and other items.

  8. Make “reduce, reuse, recycle” your own personal mantra from now on. A lot of energy and resources can be saved if people would only abandon their “fast-food” kind of life and embrace the sustainable counterpart.

  9. The saying “two thoughts are stronger that one” rings true so find groups, better yet organize one in your community, and volunteer to help propagate the ideals of eco-friendly living.


Friday, February 11, 2011

A Greener Kind of Life

So you have made a green choice of turning vegetarian recently and are sort of still into the process of settling into your vegetarian life? You might be breezing through your transition at one point and are actually having a difficult time adjusting especially in some tight situations like dining out with non-vegetarian friends perhaps, or serving dinner for them at your place? Here’s some 101 you will most likely need:

When dining out:

If you cannot simply win your way into dining at the country life vegetarian restaurant down on the high street, simply because your non-veggie friends won’t approve of it, choose the best alternative which could be a restaurant offering a wide array of vegetarian dishes. It could either be a pizza place that has veggie pizza on the menu or kebob which serves a tasty vegetarian alternative. That way you can have your fill of your veggie stuffs while your friends satisfy their meaty cravings. It is like hitting two birds with a stone, so to speak.

When serving dinner for non-veggie friends at home:

You can choose from a wide array of foods to serve both yourself and your non-green friends. Try dishing out some fajitas or tacos and have each person prepare their own, that way you can fill you with a tasty, all veggie salsa while your friends doll up all those meaty + cheesy fills. You can go for a Friday barbeque and have a mix of hotdogs and burgers and the vegetarian counterparts. Or if you want to serve pasta, you can separate a serving of a non-meaty version for yourself before tossing in those meatballs.

Really, the possibilities are abound and you only need a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of imagination, and do not let your personal choice of living a healthier life limit you from doing the usual things you do.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Embracing Vegetarian Life

So there I’ve made it official, I am making a pledge to be a vegetarian for life. Yes I can sense mixed reactions about this declaration, some raised eyebrows, some gloating and some negative reactions and even some light bulbs flashing in your thought bubbles. I have made this decision with specific consideration in mind.

Firstly, I simply love animals and the thought of eating them, using products (such as leather bags, belts and other animal-leather products) with animal byproducts, and stressing these animals unnecessarily (in case of chickens on farms that supply to fast foods and restaurants or cattle farms where cows are harassed to produce more milk for commercial milk production) is simply revolting. The unethical treatments of animals in farms supplying to big egg companies is something we ought to be concerned about.

Second, a vegetarian life is way much healthier than its contemporaries. You eat healthier, organic and fresher foods which mean only healthy minerals, vitamins and nutrients go into your body. This also means you need not have to worry that certain medical conditions will plague you. A vegetarian diet helps you stay away from heart diseases, weight problems and skin diseases.

Lastly, as a vegetarian, I am contributing, in my own little way, to a sustainable way of living and hopefully results to resolving major environmental problems such as climate and weather change due to the depletion of the ozone layer. Imagine how much energy, water and resources can be saved if commercial farms will cease to operate? Imagine how many fish species can be spared for the next generation to see if we will stop consuming them now?

So there is really everything to gain and nothing to lose in turning green, well except for your weekly dose of double-patty cheese burger and weekend barbeque nights , that is!